Coffee farmers often earn less than 2% from the sale of an Espresso served in a specialty coffee shop.

Drinking coffee that supports local families in countries that struggle to make ends meet is a good reason; but now it doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on quality or freshness.  Oh by the way, we cut out the middle men so you don't pay more. Score!


How we work with Roasters

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Cultivate relationships in Growing Countries

Having the good fortune to travel extensively, we focused on learning about the coffee supply chain.  Contrary to most international buyers, we did not search out to buy just the best green coffee beans from farmers and end their story there.

Instead, we look for exceptional local coffee experts with a desire to expand beyond their local market position.  On special occasions we met exceptional local coffee producers and roasters who wanted to grow in new directions.  Working with these local people to grow their business is our mission.


Develop Roast Profiles

Coffee taste profiles vary widely based on the beans source location, varietal, processing, care, even what is growing around the trees and obviously the roaster who transforms the coffee bean.  We merge the work of talented roasters who locally source high quality beans and are part of their producing county's taste heritage with global taste preferences.   In an extensive process of exchange; we discover beans and roast profiles that join lighter roast coffee preferences with the character of local coffee cultures. 

Experience fresh coffee with origin profiles that let you discover more about the tastes you love.



Training & Investment

Local cafes do not usually serve the best export grade coffees.  These coffees are precious cash crops that fuel the local and often poor economy.  Local roasters who want to access export grade coffees need to purchase large quantities of relatively expensive beans.  Pre-financing the purchases and storage allows local roaster to source the highest quality beans.  

Equipment and packaging at times do not meet a high standard.  Many of the processes are manual; however, while we may help with tools and packaging; we are not actively trying to reduce the workers required to bring you a delicious cup. 

Supporting Cafes beyond sourcing Coffee

Origin Roasted is different kind of partner for cafes and bars selling specialty coffee.  We want to form a relationship and function almost like a Co-op.  We too own and operate specialty cafes, however, we don't want this project to be about putting our brand in your cafe.  We want to be an alternative for Cafes that don't feel the need to invest in roasting but still want customers to have a special experience.  

Specifically we commit to support your local marketing, highlight your cafe on our website, and share operational tricks that we learn.  It would be great if you have any ideas to share, we'd gladly pass those along.   


Marketing Support

We want our in country roasters and our cafes to succeed.  We commit to support this success with localized advertising for all of our cafes based on the amount of coffee they purchase.


Its all about your Cafe

Your cafe and your customers come first.  Origin Roasted wants to be a quiet partner helping to source coffee as direct as possible from origin countries.  The umbrella of coffees provides you an alternative to the heavily branded domestic coffee roasters. 


Sharing Tips and Tricks

Large or small, single or chain, all of us have learned tricks to help our establishments run smoothly.  We will routinely share these learnings with our partner cafes.